Under the patronage of
HRH Princess Mona Al Hussein

Second International Nursing Conference (INC 2023) 

“Nursing Profession in the Current Era”

17-18/5/2023  Zarqa University, Jordan

Conference Program

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Review process

The Second International Nursing Conference at the Faculty of Nursing, Zarqa University, is committed to ensure a rigorous, high-quality and unbiased peer review process for all papers submitted to the conference. The scientific committee operates double-blind peer review process for all the abstracts and manuscripts submitted, where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous. The process is conducted within two to three weeks after completing the submission by the authors. The review will be conducted by highly qualified academic researchers in different specialties of nursing science.
1. Review Procedure
After receiving a submission by conference submission management system (EquinOCS Springer Nature), the steps of the review process include:
Step 1: The publication chairs will initially check each submission to ensure its relevancy to the scope of the conference, and decide if it deserves further review.
Step 2: All manuscripts will be checked for possible plagiarism using Turnitin program to maintain scientific integrity. Papers with suspected plagiarism will be rejected.
Step 3:  The publication chairs will assign each manuscript for at least two expert reviewers to review it based on pre-prepared quality criteria.
Step 4: One of the editors will then review reports received from the expert reviewers to judge if the comments are logical.
Step 5: If the editor decided that the comments are logical, then the review report will be sent to the corresponding author to modify the manuscript accordingly. If not logical, the editor can assign new reviewer or can review it by his/her own.
Step 6: Revised version of the manuscript will be initially checked by the editor to determine if the reviewers' comments have been addressed.
Step 7: the editor will then send the revised manuscript to the reviewer again for re-evaluation.
Step 8: If the reviewers validate the revised version of the manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief will make the final decision for the publication.  
Note: the PC chair has the right to stop receiving and reviewing the abstract once the due date is reached or if one or more of the conference themes is saturated.
Reviewers will be instructed to assess the quality of manuscripts according to the academic merit of the content along the following dimensions:
1.    Relevancy of the article’s content to the themes of the conference;
2.    Originality and novelty of the research;
3.    Contribution to knowledge;
4.    Soundness of the methods, analyses, and results;
5.    Adherence to the ethical standards and codes of conduct relevant to the research field;
6.    Clarity, cohesion, and accuracy of language.
7.    Following author guidelines and style.
In addition, all articles will be checked for textual overlap in an effort to detect possible signs of plagiarism.


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