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Second International Nursing Conference (INC 2023) 

“Nursing Profession in the Current Era”

17-18/5/2023  Zarqa University, Jordan

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Prof. Erika Froelicher, PhD

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Dr. Erika Froelicher, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physiological Nursing, School of Nursing and Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Medicine, University of California San Francisco, CA, USA
For over 30 years, Dr. Erika Froelicher has made significant contributions to the fields of nursing, education and public health specifically epidemiology & biostatistics.  With advanced degrees in nursing, public health, and epidemiology, her experience includes that of emergency room and psychiatric nurse, cardiovascular clinical nurse, cardiac rehabilitation specialist, consultant, health center director, researcher, epidemiologist, and university professor and department chair.

As a consultant, she has advised hospitals, foundations, businesses, universities, and governments in the areas of nursing and cardiac care locally, nationally and internationally.  Her research has focused on physical activity & exercise testing and prescription; efficacy of smoking cessation interventions, depression and social support in cardiac populations.  Her research of the Women’s Initiative for Nonsmoking (WINS) that provides research and public health support for smoking cessation among women.
A distinguished scientist, author and lecturer, she has presented papers and given invited lectures on coronary disease prevention, rehabilitation, smoking cessation and disease management to more than 60 national and international groups. Her articles have appeared in such publications as New England Journal of Medicine, Heart & Lung, American Journal of Nursing, Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Circulation, Nursing Research, to name just a few.
She has co-authored and subsequently served as editor of the graduate school textbook Cardiac Nursing now in its sixth edition with translated versions in Italian and Portuguese; and chapters and books in cardiac care.  She is a member of task forces on preventive cardiology, committee on exercise and rehabilitation, and critical care nursing. She has published about 300 publications in peer reviewed journals on topics such a physical activity and health, smoking cessation, and depression in cardiovascular populations, as well as research methodology. She has actively engaged in developing Evidence Based Practice Guidelines and Health Policy changes. Most recently she serves on the Institute of Medicine Standing Committee on Disability. She serves on the editorial boards as Associate Editor for the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, Heart and Lung, Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, among others.  She is a reviewer for Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, and the New England Journal of Medicine.
Dr. Froelicher is a fellow of the American Heart Association and the American Association of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and the American Academy of Nursing and the European Society of Cardiology. She has received the Individual National Research Award (1989) from the National Institute of Health and the Book of the Year Award for Cardiac Nursing (1990) from the American Nurses’ Association, as well as the Media Award for Tobacco Free Nurses in 2005 from the Academy of Nurses; and the Mentor of the Year award from the Doctoral Student Class of 2005 and 2010.
Dr. Froelicher has founded or participated in the development of doctoral education programs internationally; such as at the University of Basel, Switzerland 1999-2000.  During 2006-2007 Dr. Froelicher worked with the University of Jordan, Amman, to set up a PhD nursing program by invitation from the Jordanian government and as a Fulbright Fellow to the University of Jordan.  Similarly, she provided research expertise to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; as well as several Universities in Thailand, and Japan.
She worked with doctoral students from the University of Baghdad, Iraq who came on a fellowship to the California School of Health Science in 2012. She provided consultation and support as a Visiting Professor to the Sultan Qabosh University in Muscat Oman in 2012; and most recently served as Professor at the Sifa University, Health Sciences School in Izmir, Turkey. Was appointed Professor at the Institute of Nursing, University of Vienna, Austria Fall semester of 2014 to teach quantitative research methods in the doctoral program and cardiovascular nursing in the masters’ program. She was appointed Professor of Nursing, Shifa University, Izmir Turkey, to help build the research agenda for the Health Science and served the campus from 2014 to 2017. Most recently, she was an appointment to Professor, College of Nursing, Shifa-Tameer-e-Millat University to assist and teach in the newly started doctoral program in Nursing, specifically teach the advanced quantitative research methods course and systematic review course. As well, as serve on dissertation committes of doctoral students.

Dr. Froelicher is a respected internationally as teacher, consultant, administrator and scientist.


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